What is an Info Shop

An infoshop is a space which serves as an alternative information centre, usually following an anarchist or other closely related left-wing ideologies.

It can be a bookstore, a meeting space, an event space, a lending library, or simply a meeting-place for social-justice groups. It is most often a combination of several of these.

Infoshops are most often collectively (everyone who participates) owned, and are generally either all-volunteers or worker-owned, following the “no-bosses” type of thinking that goes with anarchist organizing. While leaders certainly develop, there is usually no formal President or such.

You can most often get radical literature that you couldn’t get other places at infoshops, like pamphlets, independent zines, and hard-to-find books. Infoshops are also a good tool for finding out what is going on as far as social-justice activism in a particular area.

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